Introducing the ‘AJUSTA’ Table Leg Bracket


What is the AJUSTA?


The ‘AJUSTA’ is an innovation that caravan enthusiasts will find hard to beat.  It essentially allows you to maximize the useable space around your existing caravan table by offsetting the table top from its central support, which creates a more convenient use of space within your van.


A problem, common in most caravans, is access to both the table and to storage space below the cupboard.  This is especially apparent if you are of a larger build or restricted in movement. The ‘AJUSTA’ solves these problems with ease.

An innovation in Caravanning in Australia


Our Customers Say...


“Thank you for supplying us with the Ajusta table leg. It has been fitted and is perfect to what we wanted. I now have a happy wife.” - Randy


“Just a quick note to advise you I have received the Ajusta leg. My wife and I are very impressed with the concept. I have informed friends of the change to our table seating and the advantages if offers.” - Barry


Many customers have brought an ‘AJUSTA’ leg for their caravan, and when upgrading to a new caravan, specifically request the ‘ajusta’ table leg be installed by the manufacturer prior to collecting their new van.