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Ajusta Table Leg

Ajusta Table Leg Ajusta Table Leg

The ‘AJUSTA’ is suitable for most caravan tables that have a wine glass base and a table top length of up to 110cm.


The ‘AJUSTA’ bracket is available in two sizes:

  • 130mm 
  • 100mm.  


Standard colours available are Grey or Beige. Other colours are available upon request, however this could result in a time delay.




To fit the ‘AJUSTA’ table bracket simply undo the two existing wing nuts on your table leg, remove the table top and straight leg and install the new unit.


You can simply move the table top so you can sit down with ease and then move the table top back to a more comfortable position.  No more eating with a table edge under your armpits or a foot away from you.  Now you can leave the table without taking your tablecloth with you.




$126.50 inc GST

(Trade enquiries by application)


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The ‘AJUSTA’ can be posted anywhere in Australia, or even overseas, by registered mail.


The ‘AJUSTA’ is made in Australia, by JMAR Engineering in Shepparton.  By buying this product you are supporting an Australian owned company.